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Lynne Marie 

Where did Destruction Bay’s name come from?

In 2002, this site’s creator – Lynne Marie – was traveling the Alaska Highway to move to the city of Anchorage. Her feet were freezing, as her socks and shoes from Oklahoma were not holding up to the January temperatures of down to -50 along the Alaska Highway.

She drove over a very scary bridge at the time, arriving at a town called “Destruction Bay.” It was a very small town with about 40 residents near the Kluane Lake, deep in the Yukon Territory of Canada. She stopped at a restaurant to eat some breakfast, and when she walked in the front door there was a table full of very warm socks. They were the most beautiful thing she had seen on that 4,800 mile trip. She bought about 10 pair and wore them until they became full of holes during her first few years of living in Alaska.

When she was trying to decide whether or not to throw them away, she instead decided they were too sentimental and had such an amazing story they deserved to be turned into sock dolls. She created the “Destruction Bay Dolls,” making them out of those socks after sewing up all the holes.

The Destruction Bay Dolls soon were being created with new socks and adopted a new name “Stinky Feet Babies Sock Dolls.”

Recently, Lynne and her husband decided to go back to the original name for the dolls: Destruction Bay Dolls. You’ll find lots of new dolls on this website in the dolls section.

Lynne wanted to be an artist since the age of 10. She was encouraged to go into careers that “made a living” and put aside her dreams of being one. She went into the Air Force as one of the first women in avionics (aircraft electronics) repair, got her bachelor’s in computers, and went on to a career as a computer network engineer. She loved technology, but art kept calling.

She began an exercise to get rid of artist’s block she called “The iPhone and iPad 365 Day Challenge.” She started drawing on the iPhone, then went on to several versions of the iPad. Around Day 300, dragons emerged. She’s still not sure where the dragons came from or why they showed up.

She now builds lifesize dragon characters and arduino robots.  She loves to sew and loves making puppets and sock dolls.

Lynne is also an Internet pioneer. She’s been on the Internet since 1994 and has written several books. Her most popular was “The Little Website That Could,”  written in 2000 and out of print. It was the catalyst for several of her readers to become Internet millionaires. You can read the whole, updated version of the book and many of her essays on the Medium site here:


She released the latest version of “The Little Website That Could” October 2017.

She has written 4 books for children called Amazing Dragons Volume 1 and Volume 2, with their companion coloring books.

You can see how her dragons are created in these videos:


Lynne lives with her husband and best friend Jack in Charleston, South Carolina.


Jack has loved art since he was a small child. Jack is a writer and an artist. He specializes in graphic art, but he also creates some very cool spider creatures and monsters.

Jack is presently working on lifesize monsters on commission. Ask us about that using our contact page, if you know someone who would adore a lifesize monster or dragon or other fantasy creature of their very own. Jack also works on LED and arduino robotic projects.

He also spends most of his time as a Charleston tour guide and writing travel journals of the area for Mosquito Beach Press while taking photos of South Carolina.

Lynne and Jack are owned by 3 chihuahuas, two of which are named after U.S. Presidents and one who is named after Lynne’s favorite town in Alaska (after she spent a decade there).


Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Hope