Monster Mash

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Did you ever meet someone who just kills it every time they do something? That’s my husband and business partner. Since he was a very small boy, he loved monsters and monster movies. He built monster models.

He’s now working on a Frankenstein-style monster that’s life-size.  Here’s a sneak peek. It will be available for sale as soon as Jack recovers from a recent surgery on his hands:

P.S. Frankie is built almost completely from recycled materials.  We started saving all kinds of recyclables recently, and we couldn’t believe how much material we had after just a few months. Add some imagination, and you’ll discover lots of great things to make.

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What’s the Best Air Dry Clay For Dolls & Other Crafts?


I’ve been asked this question a lot, and I thought I’d talk a little bit about this. First, here are just a few of some old creations I made with my favorite clay:

( I lived in Alaska for about a decade, and those funny brown creatures are my version of a muskoxen)

I use a clay that doesn’t require a kiln to “fire” or dry it. It is considered an air dry clay, but beware: all air dry clays are not the same. I’ve purchased air dry clay to use for different things, only to find out it cracks when it dries. So frustrating!

The only brand I recommend is Creative. You can find it for sale on our site here or on our Ebay store:

In the description, you’ll find out all the cool things about this particular brand of clay that I love.

The painted portions of these dolls in the body are done with Jacquard’s beautiful fabric paints. The bodies are muslin. I plan to make some tutorial videos about how to make these dolls in the near future.

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LED Elf Dwelling Of Recycled Materials



The story:

I have a tendency to save bottles, paper, and plastic things after emptying them. After mulling over what to do with them, I discovered a cool use for most of what I can’t seem to throw away.

This is my first creation from recycled items.

This little house is available here:

Own this little elf house:

Just wanted to let my readers know what I’ve been up to.